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Co-Parenting & Blended Family Counseling

Learning to parent well with a change in the family structure takes time. Let us help you navigate things for the health & well being your family deserves. 

Couple with Kids

Blended Families

Parenting is tough! Blending a family with already established roles, cultures, habits can feel frustrating. But, blending two homes and families can be smooth if you approach it with care and intention. Our team is trained with years of experience working alongside families to help both parents and kids to settle into any new adjustments and recommendations that can change the course of how your family is blending and thriving.


Every co-parenting relationship is unique. There is no one set of rules that will apply to every co-parenting relationship, that is why it is important to have a professional guide you through what the appropriate boundaries should be for your situation.

We believe it’s not divorce that causes stress for the children, it is how the parents co-parent. Our counseling team brings years of co-parenting experience through counseling, teaching a state-mandated co-parenting course, acting as your trained family mediator, or serving as your trained parent facilitator & coordinator.

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We are more than happy to give you advice on which type of counseling is most suitable for your needs. The counselors you see below work with blended families and co-parenting care & education.

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