Pare Radillo - Heath Counseling, Dallas Counselor

Pare Underwood, LPC

Pare sees clients both

In-person and in Virtual Appointments.


She has been serving individual clients in need of in professional counseling for over ten years

with a focus on Couples and Adult Individuals in:


  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Communication Coaching

  • Verbal and Emotional Abuse

  • Co-Dependency

  • Emotional & Narcissistic Abuse

Contact Pare:
972.961.9570 ext. 700
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A Message from Pare:


I take a personal interest in knowing that you and your relationships benefit in my care. I look forward to meeting you and giving you the professional feedback and support you are looking for.  I enjoy providing my clients a trusting but “real and raw” place to come and process what they are struggling with. COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN, depression, anxiety, co-dependency adjustment, emotional and verbal abuse recognition and recovery, self-esteem, relationship conflict regarding (household roles, parenting, pre/post-divorce, co-parenting, blended family challenges, intimacy, financial stress, personal stress).


My approach to counseling:
Clients' feedback on my approach to their care has been that they are able to feel respected however, they trust I will not just tell them what they want to hear. I actively support and work alongside you to help you have a positive change in your life and relationships. I value the ability to not show judgment on you or your situations and look forward to helping you feel unconditionally accepted within our private counseling relationship.


What are you waiting for? If it’s causing pain, hurt, or you are feeling out of balance then you deserve a time and space to look at it and try to find relief. You are not alone, and a professional counselor can help. Trust the process and trust yourself.


Pare has extensive training in interpersonal communications and is a trained Family Mediator, Parent Facilitator, and Parent Coordinator. She also has previous experience working in the court system as a CASA advocate.

Professionally trained in several research-based relationship and marriage enrichment curriculums, as well as provide the court-ordered co-parenting class for parents in Texas Pare's counseling focus is Adult Individuals and Adult Couples only.


Pare is a sought-after facilitator and grateful to be able to get outside of the office to provide interactive workshops and seminars to local community groups, schools, and businesses. Currently, she has availability for weekday hours and some evenings and is offering counseling intensives that condense weeks of work in power-packed extended session times.