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How much will sessions cost? 

Virtual and In-Person sessions are the same fee at Rockwall Heath Counseling: $150 per session. You will not pay more for couples or family counseling. Additional fees for extended sessions may be incurred but this will be determined with you, in your session with your counselor. 

What can I expect in my first session?

Your Rockwall Heath counselor or therapist will be prepared for your session and is looking forward to getting to know you either in-person or virtually. During your first session, a therapist will help guide you through current challenges, and offer support by proposing options for relief. You will also have time to ask any questions regarding the therapy process and what to expect.

Why doesn’t Rockwall Heath Counseling accept insurance?

Confidentiality is our number one priority! To be reimbursed for your sessions through insurance, a diagnosis or a label has to be put on your care and can stay on your permanent health record. This can influence your future insurability and even life insurance policies. Most of HC’s select clientele, prefer their sessions to stay private and not be shared with a third party.

How often and how long will I be in counseling?

You always determine the frequency and duration of your care. However, an experienced therapist will provide you with a plan of care that includes their professional recommendation on both frequency and duration. We perform progress updates periodically so that both the therapist and client can have an open conversation about their progress and future goals.

How do I get started?

Call our office today to schedule your introductory session! We look forward to learning what your challenges are and custom-tailoring our care to meet your needs. 


RHC therapists and family life educators hold to rigorous educational, licensure, and certification standards including continual supplemental training and certification with a combined counseling experience of over 50 years of helping families. 


Get counseling that works for you, where ever you are. We provided our Rockwall, Heath and Dallas-area counseling clientele with virtual and teletherapy counseling long before Covid. It is an excellent way to continue your sessions in the midst of a busy life. 


Many counseling offices are not truly counseling practices, meaning they house counselors in one place but each counselor rents space to practice in that location. At Heath Counseling, our community members benefit from the fact that we are an active counseling team, working together to bring you the very best counseling services and resources we have to offer our Dallas, Rockwall, Heath, and surrounding area clients. 


Not all issues are psychosomatic and require a trained professional in other areas of life education. Get the feedback you need to help you achieve your goals and dreams.


We take pride in providing you with the custom support and tools that meet your individual and relationship needs.

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Communication Coaching

  • Verbal and Emotional Abuse

  • Co-Dependency

  • Emotional & Narcissistic Abuse

  • Family Life Issues

  • Grief & Loss

  • Life Change

  • & more...

Take the first step towards your recovery today by calling us at (972) 961-9570.

Rockwall Heath Counselors
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