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Family Mediation 

Mediation is a much less expensive and stressful forum for
resolving family dispute than a courtroom.

Parties are able to mediate in weeks rather than litigating for a years.

Elderly Couple Contract

Family Mediation

Family mediation is a confidential meeting between the parties and a neutral third party in which the mediator facilitates communications to help the parties settle their dispute.

 If the parties are represented by counsel, the attorneys will arrange for the mediation. If the parties are representing themselves (pro se), they should contact the mediator directly. Both parties must agree to mediation. Before the mediation begins, each party will be asked to sign an Agreement to Mediate.

 Generally, the first meeting between the mediator and the parties takes between 3 and 4 hours. During this time, the parties will explore the issues that are the subject of disagreement. In subsequent meetings, the parties will focus on finding solutions for the problems that are the subject of disagreement.

 If an agreement is reached, the mediator will prepare a written Mediation Agreement containing the terms of the agreement to be filed with the court in the divorce or custody action. If no agreement is reached, the mediator will declare an impasse and notify the court that the mediation was not successful. If the parties reach agreement, the parties will sign a Mediated Settlement Agreement that will be filed with the court in the divorce action.

 Once the parties sign the agreement, it is binding and will not be modified by the court unless there are rare and extraordinary circumstances.

 The mediation process is confidential. The mediator will not be called to testify in the divorce or custody case. At the end of the mediation, the mediator will destroy his notes taken during the mediation.

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Meet Your Mediation Specialist

Vincent Vitale, a retired attorney, has more than 35 years of experience in family law. Mr. Vitale provides family mediation services to parties during the divorce process or during post- divorce proceedings. Parties are able to mediate both financial and custody matters. Vitale has extensive experience working with families that have
experienced domestic violence and substance abuse issues.

December 5, 1994 – Alaska Journal of Commerce.’
Attorney Vince Vitale of Anchorage has been appointed to the National Board of Trial Advocacy’s Family Law Commission. In addition to being board certified as a Civil Trial advocate since 1983, Vitale was appointed by the board’s president in 1992 to serve as Alaska state coordinator. He now joins a panel of 11 nationally recognized experts in the field of family law to assist the board in drafting the standards and examination requirements required of all applicants seeking certification as Family Law Specialists.”

Additionally, Vitale has more than 1,500 hour of training and experience as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) advocating on behalf of abused children in CPS cases. He received a Presidential Volunteer Service Award (Gold) for the Pinal County, Arizona CASA program.

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