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Couples Communication Counseling

People seeking couples counseling are trying to overcome a roadblock that continues to “come up” in their relationship. Communication, intimacy, infidelity recovery & relationship stress are common areas of focus in our sessions.

Couples Counseling Process

Through our Dallas counseling center based in Heath, TX, we are trained in providing skills and support to couples from dating, premarital, marital, or last resort conflicted stages of your relationship through both in-person and virtual teletherapy sessions. Our therapists will assess your specific situation thoroughly and have access to proven methods of helping couples to prepare, repair, and recover into healthy and satisfying relationships. Your therapy will include: evaluating your relationship(s), diagnosing the problem, and creating the solution- together.

Feel like your relationship needs more than 1 hour at a time?

Intensives are the latest, most sophisticated service for those seeking help in their relationship or as an individual. Intensives allow you to condense months’ worth of counseling into one or two power-packed sessions. Our counselors are trained to offer this specialized service. The typical intensive is 3-6 hours in length, includes breaks and refreshments, and is designed to identify dysfunctional patterns, begin the process of healing, and find new practical, healthy solutions for you and/or your relationship. If you'd like to schedule an intensive in the privacy of your home, Be sure to ask Pare more about in-home intensive therapyAfter concluding your intensive, our team of Dallas-based counselors offers follow-up sessions to ensure continued relationship change and personal growth.

Meet Your Couples Counseling Counselors

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