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Family Counseling

Communication is different for everyone, allow us to help your family resolve issues with a better understanding.

Dallas Family Counseling

Family Counseling

Heath counseling offers a safe place for families to have productive conversations about concerns and challenges they are experiencing. Our licensed counselors and specialized family life educators have experience observing patterns in your family and can provide tools to help create new and productive ways for your family to operate.

Family Counseling Process
No family is alike, let us help customize a plan to get your family functioning where everyone can enjoy it.

Our qualified Family therapists will help assess your unique family’s dynamic, patterns, in the comfort and flexibility of meeting in your own home. Leave the session with a clear diagnosis of what adjustments need to be made. Your family therapist will also give you feedback on what will be the best approach to your family therapy (parents and children, children only, parents only, etc.).

Needing more than an hour?

Intensives are the latest, most sophisticated service for those seeking help in their relationship or as an individual. Intensives allow you to condense months’ worth of counseling into one or two power-packed sessions. Pare is trained to offer this specialized service. The typical Dallas family counseling program is 3-6 hours in length, includes breaks and refreshments, and is designed to identify dysfunctional patterns, begin the process of healing, and find new practical, healthy solutions for you and/or your relationship.

Your Dallas family counseling program will include: professional evaluation, diagnosing the problem, and creating the solution. After concluding your intensive, we also offer follow-up sessions to ensure continued relationship change and personal growth.

If you'd like to talk to one of our Licensed Professional Counselors. We are more than happy to give you advice on which type of counseling is most suitable for your needs. Click on the Heath Conselor pictures below to learn more, book an appointment or make contact with one of our professional counselors. 

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