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Ragan Harrison - Couples Counseling

A Message from Ragan:

You are not in this alone & there are real strategies you can put into practice to create change TODAY. Using a solution-focused, "real talk" approach I work with individuals, teens, couples & family systems to transform their communication & their lives.  I specialize in helping clients utilize unique communication tools order to improve their daily interactions with themselves, their  partners, children, and co-workers. My goal with every client I work with is to teach, encourage & assist them in using communication as a tool to build trust, encourage honesty, improve relationships, and enhance their lives.

The one thing we do every day, in every relationship is communicate. Communication shapes our entire existence; therefore, by altering the way you choose to communicate you have the power to change everything.  As a mother, daughter, sister, co-parent, professional peer, friend & so much more I work to use the tools I teach in my own life - you’re pretty much guaranteed to hear a funny story about my life as part of a blended family & one of the many ways my son, Casen, keeps me humble every day! 


Ragan graduated with a Master in Marriage and Family Therapy with an emphasis in communication from the Texas Woman’s University.  She served in the mental health field through a myriad of positions over the last 15 years. 


In addition to her graduate work, Ragan is a Certified Family Life Educator, Certified Mediator & Certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor. 

Ragan Harrison, MS-FT, CFLE

Marriage Counseling,
Couples Intensive & Couples in Crisis Specialist 
Family Mediation Facilitator, Certified Family Life Educator 

Ragan sees clients both

In-person and in Virtual Appointments

Ages 16+

Ragan Specializes in:

Communication Education Enhancement

Marital Crisis Recovery

Court Appointed Parent Coordinator

Co-Parent Facilitator

Qualified Mental Health Professional 


With a Masters in Family Therapy, Ragan has been

serving clients 

through family education and advocacy for over 15 years

with a focus on:


  • Communication Education & Enhancement

  • Trauma-Informed Communication

  • Parenting & Co-Parenting 

  • Pre-Marital Preparation

  • Marital Crisis Intervention

  • Divorce 

  • Generalized Stress

  • Shame

  • Boundary issues

  • Unhealthy relationships

  • Relationship concerns

  • Infidelity Care

  • Life Adjustment 

MS - Family Therapy

Youth & Adult Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Certified Love and Logic Parenting Instructor

Contact Ragan:
Ragan Harrison - Couples Counseling


Ragan is going on maternity leave in June and will be out of the office for the summer. If you would like to see Ragan, she is not accepting new clients after May 15th and will be taking a waiting list while she is on maternity leave. 

If you would like to see a couple's therapist, we ask that you visit Jenna, Michelle or Brandy's schedule until Ragan returns. 

Please email Ragan directly if you would like to be place on her Waitlist or Virtual Schedule. 

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