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Pre-Marital Counseling

You plan the perfect wedding, we will help you prepare for a wonderful marriage. 

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Pre-Marital Counseling & Education 

Every marriage deserves the very best start. At Heath Counseling, our counselors have worked with hundreds of pre-marital counseling clients and we have helped them get on the right path when building a life together. 

Our pre-marital counseling modules and curriculum is endorsed and approved by the State of Texas' Twogether in Texas marriage education program. We are proud to say that our team members are also founding members of The Twogether in Texas legislature and program design. At Heath Counseling, we are committed to only the very best for couples who are building a life together. Building a healthy relationship is based on core pre-marital counseling topics such as communication, financial education, intimacy, family dynamics, anger management, conflict resolution, time, and family managment. 

Pre-marital Counseling takes place in either virtual or in-person appointments with both partners over a minimum of 8 hours. Sessions can be booked back-to-back as well as one hour at a time to complete the 8-hour program.

Meet Your Pre-Marital Counseling Team

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