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Special Needs 

Whether you have a beautiful special needs child or teen or you are an adult learning to navigate life with ADHD, our team member are here to help you succeed and thrive!

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Special Needs Families with Children

When working with the neurodivergent mind,  we hope to help gain a better understanding of your child's sensory needs and how to help with their attention, impulse control, hyperactivity, and sensory processing. Children do not always have words to communicate their struggles and can become overwhelmed by big emotions. Oftentimes, they seek out play to express their feelings.  During play therapy, we attempt to develop strategies to utilize in the outside world when a child may have sensory overload.


This is perfect for: 

A child with difficulty interacting with peers, may be better with familiar adults/people.

A child wanting friends or relationships, but struggling socially 

A child having difficulty engaging in play: difficulty maintaining eye contact, repetitive play (stemming), or difficulty sharing.

We are here not only to help your child, but also to provide parent coaching to navigate the world through a neurodiverse lense.   

 A parent, whether just receiving the diagnosis or navigating the special education process.

A diagnosis can affect the entire family.  We are here for...
A sibling who may have mixed emotions related to their brother/sister's diagnosis.

Parents who need help learning how to parents the diversity in their own home and to regulate their own stress. 

Parents who have found that conflict has become an issue in their home.

Adults & Older Teens with ADHD

We understand the struggles you face with trying to achieve all you dream of but constantly finding that the way your brain works does not always lead to success. We get it. And we get you. 

Our Clinically Certified ADHD Specialist will help you uncover ways to help your life find calm and focus and to celebrate the way you brain works while learning to make things work for you. There are many elements and experiences for the ADHD individual which must allow for processing, re-planning and reframing and finding new solutions to implement for a thriving life!

Click on the counselor's picture to learn more and to book your appointment. 

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