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Narcissism Abuse

Identifying and treating those who struggle as narcissistic abusers and those who are facing life with the

narc-abuser requires the knowledge of a highly-skilled, well-trained therapist.

Heath Counseling is able to provide the resources you need. 

Counseling for Narcisstic Abuse

Being in a narcissistic relationship can be frustrating, exhausting, emotionally draining and seriously impact your mental health. Narcissistic relationships tend to begin in a whirlwind of social, emotional and seductive intensity that can leave you feeling confused, helpless and off-balance. That feeling of being off-balance and a out of sorts is one of the key characteristics of a narcissistic relationship, as is an ongoing sense of things never being quite safe and secure. The narcissistic partner often leverages these circumstances to isolate, create conflict and control out comes. This doesn’t happen overnight, and is sometimes so subtle and insidious that you can land squarely in the middle of a dysfunctional, abusive relationship before you’ve even realized what’s happened.

At Rockwall Heath Counseling, we help you understand the behaviors of the narcissistic-abuser: grandstanding, entitlement, passive aggression, manipulative tactics, gaslighting, projection.

Doing life in a narcissistic relationship can be especially difficult because often when a narcissistic partner senses you are on the cusp of leaving or pulling away, s/he will do everything in his or her power to seduce or pull you back in. This might include anything from promised of renewed devotion, the famous "love bombing" or to threats of self-harm. Our job is to give you effective tools such as setting firm boundaries, removing yourself from the relationship (if applicable and if you choose), regaining the balance you’ve lost and reestablish your sense of reality and self. 

Our Rockwall Heath Counseling Therapist and mental health counselor, Brandy Smith, LPC-S has 20 years of experience helping those facing the narcissism-abuse cycle. 

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