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Single Parenting Family Counseling

Learning to parent well with a change in the family structure takes time. Let us help you navigate things for the health & well being your family deserves. 

Working from Home

Single Parent Counseling 
Single parent households face many challenges unique to solo parenting. In addition, whether due to these challenges or other various factors, research has shown that that children with single parents are more likely to exhibit problematic behaviors. Our counselors understand the complexities, prevalence, and potential mental health issues within single parent families. At Heath Counseling, we help you recognize the barriers to success and ways to address them as we work alongside parents and caregivers as they learn, practice, and implement various interventions together.

Our Heath Counseling counselors are experienced in single parenting issues and in helping solo parents navigate parenting, household care, dating and relationships, forgiveness, 
grief, loss and other significant life changes.
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