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Emotional & Verbal Abuse

Counseling for abuse, of any kind, requires expert, seasoned care. Our licensed professional counselors have years of experience working with those seeking to free themselves from abuse. 

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Emotional and Verbal Abusive Relationship Counseling

If you are questioning or know that you are in an unhealthy relationship, we can help. Trying to navigate or change your partner’s emotional or verbal abuse alone can leave you feeling hopeless. The counselors of Heath Counseling specializes in recognizing emotional and verbally abusive patterns in a relationship. Whether you are coming in as a couple or individual, we will educate, advocate, and coach you through the next steps in our verbal abusive marriage or couples counseling.


With over 25 years of work with victims of abuse, our team is here to help navigate this very specific issues and all of the layers it entails. It requires a very specific counselor to know how to work with those being abused by someone they love. We will work closely with you along each step, teaching you how to recognize and respond to overt and covert emotional abuse. If you question if you are in an abusive relationship, feel free to reach out for an assessment phone consult. We are here specifically for people like you.


You are not alone.  Click on the counselor pictures below to learn more and to make a counseling appointment. 

Meet Your Abuse Care Counseling Professionals

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