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Depression & Anxiety Counseling

We strive to help you overcome depression and anxiety symptoms as well as improve your mood and daily life. Everyone deserves to find a way to live free from constant fear and worry, let us help you find a way.

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Anxiety Counseling & Treatment 

Anxiety is real. Let us help you understand and feel more in control of your anxiety symptoms with anxiety therapy. Fear of the worse happening, irritability, inability to focus, “knots in your stomach”, chronic pain, constant worry, and racing thought are all common symptoms clients can experience. When anxiety has become your “normal” functioning, it can be helpful to have a professional assist you in understanding what is “normal” and how to achieve feeling at peace in your body.

Our Anxiety Counseling Process
Everyone deserves to find a way to live free from constant fear and worry. We will provide the tools and techniques you need to take control back. Anxiety can manifest into different challenges. Our therapists often work with clients that have anxiety rooted in past sexual abuse, loss, significant trauma, abandonment, additions, and/or issues regarding childhood caregivers. Anxiety assessment scores are provided to your general provider if requested.

Depression Therapy 

Finding relief from depression symptoms is imperative to having quality of life. Our depression treatment in Dallas can help you overcome depression symptoms and improve your mood and daily life.
Depression can affect your overall self-esteem, work productivity, relationships, parenting, and overall quality of life. We are able to give you firm numbers on exactly how mild or severe your depression is. This allows us to help monitor your progress and depression symptoms through your care.
Our Depression Therapy Process
Throughout our process, we assign our own version of “homework” to help you better understand how to recognize and control your thoughts that trigger depression. We handle your depression with care. We understand that it takes an empathetic and patient ear to help both support and guide you through feeling better. Depression therapy often incorporates validating and understanding any situations that might be leading to feeling “depressed” and also evaluating ways you can improve your personal emotional and physical self-care to give natural boosts against depression.

Throughout your depression therapy, we will gently challenge you and look forward to providing you a safe place to share your good and bad days.

At Rockwall Heath Counseling, every counselor is highly skilled at working with depression and/or anxiety.

To find the best-fit counselor for your needs, learn more by visiting the profiles of our counselors

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