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Divorce & Separation Counseling

Ending a relationship is one of the most difficult life changes one can face, we are here to help you process your grief, emotional responses, life changes, relationship changes and future plans. 

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Couples Divorce

Divorce and separation can devastate your emotions. With divorce comes uncertainty, new life challenges, learning to forgive, and functioning in a new framework. At Heath Counseling, we understand the range of emotions and needs a couple or person faces in the separation and divorce process. Our approach is one of wise counsel and providing a safe place to land when facing a different kind of future than the one you had planned. Learning to live and love again in a new way is possible and our counselors are committed to walking the journey with you. The counseling process can function in a range of modalities, At Heath Counseling, we practice a best-fit model where we help to uncover the underlying issues and then partner with you to create a strategic plan for healing and change. 

To learn more about our counselors who work with divorced and separated couples, click on the counselor picture below. 

Meet Your Divorce Care Counseling Team

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