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Michelle Coleman, MBA, LMSW

Clinical Supervisor, Debbie Utterback, LCSW-S

Michelle see's clients in-person, and virtually


Michelle Dee Counsels:

Children Age 10+, Pre-teens, Teens,

Adults: Individuals,  Couples & Families Veterans

Michelle Dee uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Play Therapy, Talk Therapy and Art Therapy in the following areas:

- Effective/Healthy Communication

- Life Transitions/Adjustment Disorders

- Divorce Care

- Overcoming Guilt/Shame

- Career Counseling

- Overcoming Trauma

- Spiritual Care/Guidance/Biblical Principles     


- Behavioral Challenges in Children/Teens

- Couples/Family Reconciliation

- Pre-Marital Counseling

- Boundary Setting

- Self-Esteem/Self Discovery

- Anxiety, Depression/Stress

- Judicial/Mediation Support

- Leadership Development

- Organizational Design/Structure/Restructure

- Presenting/Teaching/Facilitating

- Consulting/HR Compliance

Contact Michelle:
Michelle Coleman - Therapist Rockwall

A message from Michelle Dee:


Life is a journey, not an event. On this journey we experience highs, lows, hills, and valley's and nothing exempts us from the trials of life.

The good news is, innately, we are gifted with the ability to "bounce-back" from anything and at some point we all need that extra support and push to get back in to our life and "come-over" challenges that we never planned or expected; sometimes even challenges we inadvertently chose for ourselves.  Everything is figure-out'able', and repair and restoration is possible, if we commit to the journey. I am here to help you walk out this thing called "life". Together we will find ways to fulfill your divine purpose through problem solving, discovery, root cause analysis, need's analysis, therapeutic intervention and more. When "life starts life'ing", and you feel you can't make it another day, I am here to serve you, your children and family! I can't wait to meet you! 


Michelle Dee graduated from Concordia University with a Masters Degree in Business Administration specializing in Leadership Development & Organizational Design in 2020. Michelle holds a Master's Degree from Texas State University in Social Work and obtained a License Master of Social Work in 2010. With 14 years of counseling practice experience and 16 years of teaching in higher education, her passion is helping people find their best selves, healing from the inside out and live meaningful lives. Michelle Dee's comparative advantage is her holistic approach to understanding people, finding their strengths, and leveraging experiences to bring about positive change and outcomes. With this unique approach, she merges this same view when approaching business matters, developing leaders and building healthy relationships. 

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